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November 05 2017

[Amino RP] Halloween
Gift for RP friend :)
MM character - Saeran, my friend RP as him. Well. My OC in that RP is in relationship with and they gonna be parents. My friend asked about how do I imagine their son dressed as for Halloween and I though about red panda outfit.
I had to draw it xD

Saeran - character from Mystic Messenger, Cheritz
Mirith - my OC

October 31 2017

Sevens hoodie
Mirith amino MM lives in Sevens hoodie.
That one is a gift for my dear friend.
I know you saw it already there but now I add it here on DA.
Thank you for your friendship.
Darth Saeran
Also from RP amino
We had fun with my friend Tonie who RP as Saeran. We had cosplay~
It's typical sketch~
Battleships on paper
I was in RP almost year ago on amino. I submitted art there but not here.
This issue my OC playing battleship on paper with MM character - Saeran.
We had RP and she became friends with him. Thanks for great Saeran roleplayer :)
Access denied
Mirith dislike hackers.
autopsy room
Just random image inspired by background new story of her I made in meanwhile I wasn't here

October 11 2017

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Stories can make us fly.

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#original art #oc

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#fanart #Saeran #Mysticmessenger #unknown

August 25 2017

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Chic Blouses&Shirts

Left  //  Right

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Directly click the links above to pick your fav!

August 02 2017

July 16 2017

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american gods meme new gods or old gods

July 09 2017

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#oc #manga

July 08 2017

[MM] Announcement on Halt for 1 Year Anniversary Game Reward Event



This is Cheritz.

The event for the 1 Year Anniversary Event that was scheduled from July 8th~ 10th 2017 has been put on halt for the following reason.

- 1 Year Anniversary Event Reward bug

The reported bug is currently on fix from our development team.

As for the discomfort caused by the bug, we have decided to extend the event period.

We will announce about the exact date of extension shortly through additional notice.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We will do our best to provide better service.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


July 07 2017

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July 05 2017

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Me: *gets on computer.*

Me: *Goes on main screen.*

Me: *Sees Tumblr on ‘frequently visited.’

Me: Delete the evidence.

Me: *Deletes entire computer memory.*

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