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[MM Amino] OC full body
Full body for my Mystic Messenger Amino community. You can find me as Mirith.... if you care.... 
I don't think you do lol xD

Yes, that is needless syringe with coffee... and cat collar with bell and owner info box. 
And white stuff is my lab coat. Lab coats are sexy <3 (lol actually they are not u.u)

Name: Mirith
Location: Korea, transfer student from Poland
Occupation: studying Animal Science (similar departament too Veterinary) and have practice in animal hospital 
Status: Not Tamed
Heigh: 156 cm
Weigh: 46 kg (but it drops)
Personality: emphatic, honest, helpful, a bit naive
Likes: Sweets, Playing games, watching sky
Afraid of: Strangers calling her phone lol 

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